Lab Tests & Services

Lab Tests

Getting Labs to Assess Current Health, Track Progress and Identify Triggers. Ulta Labs for blood testing – This lab allows patients to self-order labs and the labs are then reimbursed on insurance (if your plan participates – be sure to check with your insurance first!) Some of the most important labs I recommend are:

Ulta Labs:

Diagnostic Solutions – For Functional Medicine Test Kits:

Body Scan

What is Your body trying to tell you?

Your ZYTO scan can provide you with the following information:

Your body’s reaction to foods–which food or food groups your body prefers to have or avoid Nutritional needs–which supplements you have a bio-preference for (what are your supplements doing for you?) Which heavy metals or chemicals are you struggling with? Does your body really want hormone replacements? Which hormones? How much? Which or your organs need detoxification? Which products would provide the optimal detox or nutritional support?

Herbal Consultations

Initial Consultation and Follow-up Consultation

* Science Based Nutrition
* Biocommunication – Zyto Elite
​* Collaboration with your other healthcare professionals to coordinate care if desired.

Zyto Elite Body Scan

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