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About the Professional Product Formulations Used

The Herb Doctor Consulting & Apothecary offers an herbal pharmacy containing over 400 professional product formulations only sold through healthcare providers such as Dr. Tiffani Huckels. All professional product formulations are available by phone or the internet to be delivered directly to your door. Private herbal consultations are available by appointment. 

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Complete Line of Professional High Quality Designs for Health Products and Medical Foods. Use code HEALTHY15ALWAYS for an additional 15% off.

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Professional High Quality Metagenics Products and Medical Foods

Complete Line of All products including organic skincare – Use Code “herbs” for an additional 15% off

Tiffani Huckels, Pharm.D/Herbalist, Healthy Lifestyle & Diabetic Educator
Independent OPTAVIA Coach

What is Your body trying to tell you?

Set up you consultation for a ZYTO scan today!! It can provide you with the following information:

Your body’s reaction to foods–which food or food groups your body prefers to have or avoid Nutritional needs–which supplements you have a bio-preference for based on your biomarkers. Which heavy metals or chemicals are you struggling with? Does your body really want hormone replacements? Which hormones? How much? Which or your organs need detoxification? Which products would provide the optimal detox or nutritional support?

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