3 Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals: What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you start your morning from a calm, grounded place, having already achieved some small wins, you are more likely to make the choices that best serve you as the day goes on.⁣

Here are a few simple things I do every morning to set myself up for the day. Feel free to add any of these to your morning routine:

1. Spend a few moments breathing and setting your intentions.

I do this ritual before even getting out of bed. Taking measured breaths in and out and scanning my body. Sending love through my body, thanking it for everything it does, and for carrying me through another day.

I think about the day I’m going to have, how I want to face any challenges, which I have the power to be when I’m my best self, the things I am grateful for, and either write this down or simply bring it through my consciousness.

2. Do a few body-awakening stretches.

My little dog likes to stretch with me when I get out of bed, and I like to take just a couple minutes to do some side bends, a couple down dogs and up dog flows, some cactus arms on my back with my knees bent to open my chest and any other gentle movement that feels good for my rituals.

3. Begin the day with water before coffee or other beverages.

A great boost to stimulate your digestive system and support your gut first thing is a little warm or room temperature water with some fresh lemon. Sometimes I add other things too, like a little apple cider vinegar or a scoop of flavorless, dissolvable collagen.

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