Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin

Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin

Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin. If a small amount of friction causes skin to slough off, it is a classic sign of an essential fatty acid deficiency. How important are essential fatty acids? For one thing essential fatty acid are essential for life.

Essential Fatty Acids for Cell Membrane Health

Our bodies can’t make them. Every one of our 100 trillion cells has a bilipid layer called the cell membrane. Some researchers are calling the cell membrane the intelligence of the cells because it protects and supports the life of the cell. Essential fatty acids help to keep that membrane soft.
and permeable, meaning healthy nutrients can get into the cells and toxins can leave.

Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin

What Else Do Essential Fatty Acids Help With

You may not realize it, but beyond cell membranes, EFAs are needed for hormones, immune function, gut health, pain and inflammation reduction, blood sugar stabilization as well as healthy heart and blood vessel function. Essential fatty acids and particularly fish oil is the
number one class of antiaging supplements. Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin.

It takes time to build cellular reserves. Remember, cellular reserves are built when the symptoms
have disappeared. When you brush the skin and see the dry skin blizzard, it’s a valuable indicator and one we need to understand clearly.

Tips for Dry Skin Relief

So how do we treat “dry skin” clinically? Obviously, the first thing we want to address is hydration. Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day? Next, add essential fatty acids. Some oils on the market are rancid or contain toxins.

Essential Fatty Acids for Dry Skin

Essential Fatty Acid Supplementation

That’s why I always recommend oils by Designs for Health because they test for quality, rancidity, and toxins before and after production. They have also been rated #1 by for their quality and purity. Start with a teaspoon of Omegavail Liquid twice a day with meals, which supplies 3 grams of EPA and DHA. You can take it by the spoonful or add it to salads or in protein shakes.

For Cracked Skin

My brother was taking fish oil, but when the winter temperatures caused him to experience dry and cracked fingers, he increased the dose to 4.5 grams of Omegavail Liquid on his salads. In 2 weeks, the cracks were gone. Once he reached sufficiency, he cut back to his normal daily dose.

For Chapped Lips

A friend mentioned how she was addicted to lip balm every single winter for as long as she could remember. She started taking Omegavail Synergy EFAs regularly. Two years later, on a wintry day, she observed someone applying lip balm. She thought to herself, “I don’t buy that stuff anymore because my lips are NEVER chapped.”

Essential Fatty Acids need to be in Balance

Speaking of Optimal EFAs, too much of any oil even EPA or DHA will displace other oils like
omega 9 oils. We need to be in balance. That is why I take the Omegavail Synergy with the Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 oils.

Next, make sure you stop hydrogenated processed seed oils like corn, safflower, sunflower, canola, cotton seed, grapeseed, rice bran, and soy oil. These oils are high in omega 6 and cause inflammation when used in excess. As you know, historically the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 oils is 4:1 or less. Researchers share that the average American ratio is 15:1 and frequently higher
when inflammation and pain are part of the clinical picture. So… “by increasing omega 3 oils and reducing omega 6 oils, you are reducing systemic inflammation and supporting cell membranes.”

Of course, you may also add grapeseed, walnut seed, apricot seed, or sesame seed oil topically instead of processed skin lotions. Because everything we put on our skin will be absorbed internally. My personal rule for anything topical is that if I am not willing to eat something, I won’t put it on my skin. If dry skin is still an issue, consider supplementing orally with iodine, zinc, as well as vitamins D and vitamin A. Make sure you also pay attention to liver and
gall bladder function. Obviously, it won’t do any good to take the oils if they are not being digested and emulsified.

Thanks for taking time to be with me, I look forward to our further discussions.

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