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FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE - Nutrition Interventions

The Integrative Health educational materials below are organized into the following groupings:

Self-Care – Organized into eight components of pro-active self-care and focused on lifestyle strategies and skills to support the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Professional Care – Explore ways clinicians and others can enhance whole health and well-being for various conditions through an integrative approach while bringing the best clinical care to patients.

Complementary and Integrative Approaches – Explore therapeutic and lifestyle approaches to health that focus on the whole person, are informed by evidence, and are aimed at achieving optimal health and healing.
 Modules: All modules include a brief overview for clinicians, and several downloadable PDFs, including a more detailed handout for clinicians, a patient-focused handout, and one or more handouts on relevant topics for integrative approaches to care.

Handouts: These downloadable PDF files are patient-focused education on integrative self-care.

Professional Care

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