Why You Should Consider ‘Clean’ Beauty Brands

By: Nicole Waireri

The beauty industry is a major one, with it being an estimated 532-billion-dollar industry according to Forbes. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and growing. Taking the beautiful country of Kenya as an example, we’ve seen beauty brands such as Suzie Beauty, Joanna K Cosmetics and Canvas Cosmetics evolve into mega-businesses. Whichever beauty brands you choose to use, it’s important to consider the chemicals and products used and what their overall effect on our bodies is. Clean beauty is a must!

Clean beauty brands are increasingly becoming popular and we’re here for it. But what does clean beauty even mean? The concept behind clean beauty products is pretty much similar to clean eating. Eating clean focuses on nourishing, plant-based foods that deliver all the vitamins and antioxidants for optimal health and energy levels. It rejects the idea of processed foods with additives, flavorings and colorings. This is the philosophy behind clean beauty products as well.

Clean beauty, in short, is being more mindful about the beauty products we choose to purchase.

Your Skin

If there’s one thing you should never play with is your skincare routine. Your ultimate goal should be healthy and glowing skin and in order to achieve that, you have to be mindful of the ingredients that you use on your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, this is more so important for you. Aggressive ingredients and synthetic chemicals can give you skin issues in the long run. Clean beauty brands avoid artificial colors as they make the skin more sensitive, while mineral oils such as petroleum can clog pores. Therefore, it might be better to consider beauty brands that use natural ingredients while giving you the benefits you need.

The Environment

Following the Netflix documentary series Broken, it’s important to understand what beauty brands do to the environment. In 2018, the annual campaign Zero Waste Week reported that 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, much of which is not recyclable.

The impact of specific ingredients on the environment is also concerning. It is our duty to ensure that the environment is taken care of. Clean beauty brands such as Celesty ensure that their packaging is highly recyclable and can be reused over and over.

Overall, Health

Chemicals and ingredients such as emollients and synthetic antioxidants cause damage to the liver and stomach. They’ve also been proved to alter hormonal compositions. You might be wondering how this happens. Every single time you wear lipstick, there’s a 99% chance that you have ingested some of it. It may be a small amount, but it gradually accumulates with prolonged use.

When using beauty products, it’s important to understand the ingredients used and what effects they may have on you. Will you be purchasing any clean beauty products? We would love to know what you purchase and why.

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